Media productions

I’ve worked 20 years with film and video productions. I had a lot of diverse positions during these years: video photographer, producer, motion graphic designer, weather girl, ice cinema builder, project leader, technical manager, visual mixer, editor, direction, tv host and journalist. 

I produced various works: commercials, commissioned films, informational films, educational film, feature stories, and tv-shows. 

I’ve also made a lot of live productions of concerts, seminars and sporting events.

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Feature tV Shows

"Voices from the north".

Interviews with people from all over the world, now living in Alta in Finnmark, with captivating life stories.

"Beliefs and doubt".

A tv-serie about religions and how people practice their beliefs in the every day life.

"Forever blue".

3 persons in a 39 feet sailboat from Alta to Panama. What can possibly go wrong?

Commissioned Films

Recruitment film aimed at foreign students for the University of Tromsø - Campus Alta.

Music video. Wrote the script on Monday, filmed on Tuesday and edited on Wednesday!

A film about the Arctic Nature Guide  for University of Tromsø - Campus Longyearbyen

Other projects

My final exam film from the media technique study in 2005. For this film I got honorable mention and it was also presented at a film festival for student films.

Warning! The film has content which may be upsetting or triggering for some.

Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro is a competition where the participants are kiting from Berlevåg to Vardø in Finnmark. I did video, interviews, graphics - and also had to be the reporter!

Dagsrevyen hardly need any presentation. I did visual mixing for live news and sports castings.

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